Conference venue

There is a place in Eur, the well-known Roman business district, where space and technology give concrete form to ideas, transforming them into unforgettable experiences: it is the Auditorium della Tecnica, the Congress Center owned by Confindustria Servizi Spa. Although it presents itself to our eyes as one of the congress centers of the Italian avant-garde, behind has a long history that officially begins on May 30, 1974, the day of the inauguration, during the Confindustria General Assembly when Giovanni Agnelli was elected President.

At the Auditorium della Tecnica, space also plays a fundamental role: the refined creation of the Architect Pier Luigi Spadolini, in fact, fits perfectly inside the building designed by the Architect Edoardo Monaco, and for this reason it has won the title of “architecture in architecture”.

As soon as you cross the threshold you will encounter a combination of innovation and contemporary structures, technological equipment, and artistic lines, as well as functional; everything was further enhanced during the restyling that the Congress Center undertook between 2015 and 2016. It is thus, therefore, that for over forty years this building has played a key role in the conference field, attending important events so much on the national as well as on the international scene.

ADDRESS: Auditorium della Tecnica, Viale Umberto Tupini, 65 – Rome Italy


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