Organizing Committee

The Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) of CNR (National Research Council), together with the ISISS Magarotto School of Rome will be in charge of the organization of the 24th ICED Congress. Thanks to their extensive experience in the education of deaf, these institutions can assure an innovative and valuable Congress with a wide-ranging scientific program. 

ISTC-CNR: Olga Capirci, Pasquale Rinaldi, Elena Tomasuolo

ISISS: Isabella Pinto, Lucrezia Di Gregorio

The Organizing Committee coordinate the Operative, the International Executive and the Scientific Committees’ activities.

For this purpose, the Organizing Committee will raise funds from institutions, associations, public and private companies of the field in order to cover the Congress expenses and handle all the organization details connected. It will be involved in the identification of the topics and of the keynote speakers.